domingo, junho 10, 2007


Hi! My name is Francisco and my surname is Lemos.
I am from Portugal, so I´m Portuguese.
I am ten years old.
I am a student.
My favourite colour is black.
My favourite animal is the seal.
My fovourite food is spaghetti and my favourite drink is coke.
I love swimming.
My favourite singer is Bono and my favourite band is the Scorpions.
My best friend is Rodrigues.


Blogger Ofélia Ribeiro said...

Hi love
I'm glad you started to write again,and in English. That's great.

11:05 da manhã  
Blogger PGTips said...

My surname is Grilo, that's how I found your blog.
Crazy - Great choice of music.

11:10 da manhã  
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